Ready to share?
Ready to share?

G Suite Resource Sharing & Collaboration Made Easy

Your Content
  • G Suite Files

  • Audio/Video/Image Files

  • Anything in your Google Drive!

Direct Google Drive Transfer
  • No File -> Make a Copy

  • No Upload or Download

  • Access from any Device

Resources & Community
  • Ready-To-Use Resources

  • Add your own Leaves/Groups

  • Collaborate with Others

Benefits of SharingTree

Benefits of SharingTree

Helpful Quick Tips

  • Use a personal Gmail account, not a school or
  • Use a secondary Gmail account with a shared folder to your personal account then
  • Sign in with Google to
Type of content on SharingTree
  • -   An individual file
  • -   A collection of files by one author
  • -   A file that can be remixed/reshared

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