Ready to share?
Ready to share?

SharingTree was created by Eddie Neumann and Dave Fogliatti. Two educators from North San Diego, California whose goal is to provide a space where there is an e-library of file resources that can be shared and collaborated on in a safe and secure nature with people from all around the world. We look forward to building this community with you.

Meet the Founders

Dave grew up in the Bay Area and moved to Carlsbad after graduating from the University of California, Los Angeles in 1999. He worked as an engineer for the Navy and then transferred teacher.. He currently teaches physics and engineering in Oceanside, California.

Eddie became an Oceanside resident in 1986 and was raised by a hard-working single mom. He grew up skateboarding the streets of Oceanside during the birth of street skating. Science and Art have always been something he enjoys. A 2001 graduate of Cal Poly Pomona, Eddie earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Crop Science and minor in Plant Pathology. After graduating, Eddie made his way to Africa to help