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Ultimate Guide to tools that provide scoring and importing to Google Classroom

I mostly use these for my openers and alternate between the green tools on the list above. They provide an active way for students to participate during live virtual classes and the option to reattempt or complete them later. All the green tools provide automatic scoring of assignments and grade transfer into Google Classroom. The red tools do not import scores automatically to Google Classroom. If you have a favorite tool that integrates well with Google Classroom or can update us about a red tool, please share it with us at [email protected].

The Tools: Short how-to’s for each green tool

  1. Google Forms
  2. Form Presenter
  3. Edpuzzle
  4. Quizizz

Lastly, a few tips to help you keep your sanity in 2021

a) Limit manually graded assignment to 1-2 per week.  I highly recommend using the “Each student will get a copy” and + Rubric options for manually graded assignments.

Assignment options in Google Classroom

b) Using the Google Classroom grader and sorting assignments by “Status” is really helpful for assignments you manually grade. 

Google Classroom grader with sorting by Status

Two additional tips for secondary teachers

c) For secondary teachers with multiple identical sections, you can merge all your sections into one Google Classroom.  In a virtual learning environment having everyone in one Google Classroom can be more efficient for grading.  The disadvantage is that it is harder to see who has completed an assignment during a live session in a particular period.

d) Use a virtual meeting software that supports private chats with the presenter or establish a private communication method with students. Google Meet and Zoom both have their pros and cons, but only Zoom allows private messages to the presenter/host. You can also use another messaging service like Google Chat or Remind to facilitate private conversations during a live session or try adding comments to a shared Google Doc if your meeting software does not support private messaging. 

Zoom provides a number of options for chat and if you do allow private messages between students you can get a transcript if you record the meeting.    

If you are not seeing all these options you can enable them in your Zoom profile.

Zoom chat options

If you have other tips for how you facilitate participation and communication with students during a virtual session, please share them with us at [email protected].

  Author: Dave Fogliatti
  Published on:  01/08/2021


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