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How to set up your account profile

When you first log into SharingTree using your Google account, we set up your account using default settings, but it good to customize this information, especially if you publishing content using “Add a Leaf“. You can find your profile by going to the three bars (≡) then selecting Account -> Profile as shown below. You must be signed in to access the Account settings.

Once here, you can adjust your First and Last name settings as well as customize your user id. An account’s default id is their G mail with the @ sign replace with a dash (-).

This user signed up using the email [email protected], and their default User ID is To change this, click on the User ID field and type a User ID you want to use. This user just removed the ending to make their user ID SharingTreeTeam.

Next, you can select a Paypal account if you are publishing Leaves and have a balance to transfer as well your City and State. You can also choose from four “Fields” like education, business, entertainment or other. If you choose education, you can then specify up to three subjects and grade levels.

Lastly, you can enter a short Biography and select email options for your account.

Then check the “I agree to the terms and conditions” box and click SAVE.

You can return here anytime to update your information.

  Author: Dave Fogliatti
  Published on:  03/10/2019





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