Ready to share?
Ready to share?

, Open, & Share in Less Than 5 Minutes

SharingTree makes sharing and collaborating on G Suite files simple. You can browse all SharingTree content without signing in. To open or share content, it’s easy! “Sign in with Google“.

Signing into SharingTree

Pop-up windows for SharingTree

Permissions: Google requires SharingTree to ask permission to See, edit, create, and delete all of your Google Drive files.
While SharingTree needs to see and create files in your Google Drive, SharingTree does not use the ability to edit or delete any files. Google bundles all these permissions.
User options: 1) Click the “Allow” button; 2) Create or use a secondary Gmail account that only connects to sharing services then click the “Allow” button. You will be able to share content from your primary to your secondary Gmail.

to SharingTree

After signing in, your Google account icon appears in the top right and you will be auto-logged in unless you sign out.

Adding Content to your Google Drive

To add any content on our site to your Google Drive (Leaves or Groups), press the “Open” or “Purchase” button depending on if the content is free or not.

Opening a Leaf in SharingTree

G Suite files open ready to edit and other files can be downloaded or organized in your Google Drive using the three dots (⋮) menu option.

Other files types show up in “My Drive” and can be Downloaded or Organized

The process of Opening a Group is similar except the files open in a Google Drive folder. On a Mobile Device, you will need the Google Drive app to view this folder.

Opening a Group in SharingTree

Sharing Content

Another option when you sign-in is the ability to quickly share any content in your Google Drive or Device using “Add a Leaf“. We call shared files Leaves.  

“Adding a Leaf” to publish content in SharingTree

SharingTree allows you to share content using our Collaborative or Creative Commons Licenses that allows others to “remix” or collaborate with you.

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