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Educators Toolkit for Building Google Forms from Jivrus




Short Description
Comprehensive Toolkit for Educators to build Google Forms from existing docs, sheets and slides by Jivrus Technologies

Long Description

Good news! for all educators - teachers, coaches, trainers, facilitators and anyone who makes people learn.

There are tools out there that work on G Suite and makes your daily life easier.

Build Google Forms -  Quiz and Assignments quickly using Form Builder

  • Import from Google Docs, Sheets and Slides to build quickly
  • No pre-formatting required


Check out the videos below to get the quick trick to make Google Forms from your existing Docs, Sheets, Slides, etc.

Form Builder add-on

Form Builder for Sheets add-on

Form Builder for Docs add-on


2. Generate Merged Documents and Presentation using Form Director

Once you have built Google Forms, you can do a lot with the responses coming from it. 

Simple use cases for the educators

  • Generate assessment response as a report and send to the student and teachers
  • Generate enrollment, application and consent docs for students when they submit details in Google Form


Check out the videos to see how you can take advantage of Form Director's automation workflows right from Google Forms


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