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20 Percent Time HyperDoc



Attribution: "20% Time Hyperdoc" by Kelly Hilton is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 4.0


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Beginners Guide to setting up 20% time in your classroom from Kelly's Hilton's The First Days of School

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For more information see Kelly's Hilton's ebook at

Excerpt below:

Inspire Drive, Creativity in the Classroom with 20-Time.

Daniel Pink asks what drives us.  Sir Ken Robinson asks us to inspire creativity in our students.  The latest in education is asking us to teach our students to create their own questions, do their own research, and form their own conclusions with their learning.  Why? The world is a collaborative, communicative place and it is the world of online tools that has made it this way. Our students' workplaces will be places with teams at tables, not individuals in cubicles.  They will be asked to be innovative and create the next tool, not to push bureaucratic paper. We must teach them how to think on their own without being told what to do. We need to teach them to be autonomous learners.  Only one who can guide his own learning can effectively contribute to a team.

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