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High School Course and Teacher Evaluation Template




Short Description
A course and teacher evaluation form that I give all students at the end of the semester. Designed to be taken anonymously.

Long Description

A survey designed to be taken anonymously (checking "collect email address" in the settings defeats the purpose of this survey) to gauge your engagement, relationships, and effectiveness with reaching your students. This is a long survey and some editing will be necessary on your behalf to make it work for your grade level or subject matter. There's also a few questions that mean a lot to me that may not be as important to you and could be deleted, of course. For context, I exclusively teach honors and AP level 11th and 12th graders, so some of these questions and my wording are perhaps more advanced than what is appropriate for your kids.

Some tips to ensure you're getting data as accurate as possible from this: 

  • Emphasize that it's anonymous. Physically show them that the only option you have available to know who said what is disabled (via the settings). 
  • Emphasize that this is something you made (only a white lie...) that only you will see. You will not get in trouble because of their honesty and admin will not see the results. This prevents the goody two-shoes from being nice because they like you even though they dreaded your class. No offense. 
  • Emphasize that the only thing you care about here is honesty. 
  • There is a trick question half way down that asks them to simply mark "disagree". Don't warn them about this! This question is there so that you know which students weren't reading and just brute-forced their way through it! For any student who marked something different for that question, I will quickly glance at the written responses, then delete their response in order to preserve the integrity of the data. 

Administering this survey is not for the thin-skinned. Kids are honest. Brutally honest sometimes. For as many times as I've happy cried from things students have said to me via this form, there's quite a few brutally honest responses that made my heart sink a bit. Just be wary of this. 


When you get your copy of this resource, be sure that you edit the form appropriately! Be on the lookout for things in brackets like [teacher] and [school] that I removed my own personal information from! 

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