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Natural Selection Lab




Short Description
The classic beans Natural Selection lab with an interesting twist and rebuild into 3 Google docs with templates for students.

Long Description

I reworked the old staple Natural Selection Lab, I remembered doing in college, into Google Docs. That way you can customize them to your liking. What I was so excited about was that these slides let students show their populations of various beetles (beans) graphically. As well as over multiple generations (I did 6)  and in different environments. I used grass for forest and mulch for a forest affected by climate change.

 I have included 3 Google Docs:

A Google Slides with the prebuilt graphics for each generation

A Google Sheets with data tables for each generation

A Google Doc with instructions


This is one of those labs that always stuck in my head and I think it will still do the same for students in elementary all the way up to college. So customize it to your students and have a blast!

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