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Super Solar Scale Lab




Short Description
Use Google sheets to program an accurate model of the solar system in terms of both the size of planets and distances between them.

Long Description

I’ve always been driven crazy by the scale of both the size and distances of the planets in Solar System models. Seeing science kits with a sun the size of a Soccer ball and the Earth the size of a golf ball, always made me wonder, how big the earth would really be if the sun were that size and what the scale distance between it and the sun would be. I tried to build it and the planets were way out of our campus and spread students out for blocks, so I made an accurate model that would fit within the size of our school campus (300 meters).

I settled on a 1/20 billionth scale to fit it within 300 meters. With that scale the Sun has a 7 cm diameter and Earth has a .6 mm diameter with a distance of 7.5 meters away from the Sun. Having the students hold an accurately sized model of the earth and walk out the accurate distances really helps them grasp the enormity of Solar System.

I’ve included 3 google docs

  • A Google Doc with instructions

  • A Google sheet worksheet

  • A Google sheet with my answers

Since its Google docs, feel free to adjust and edit it to fit your campus

You can have them program it in sheets, calculate manually, or do a modified version, whatever works best for your students.


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